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Keeran Washington

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NAME: Keeran Washington

ALIAS: Ice, Icy, Chilly


AGE: 17

DATE OF BIRTH: 08 - 01 - 1979

HEIGHT: 5'9''


PLACE OF BIRTH: Toronto, Canada.

ETHNIC BACKGROUND: African American.


HAIR: Short cut hair, black.


OCCUPATION: Robber, Gunman.

HOBBIES: Athleticism, Writing Poems.

EDUCATION: High School Dropout.

Description: He usually wears a black LA cap, a blue LA Dodgers varsity jacket which is oversized, Clean light blue jeans with a chain on the right side, white Nike Air Max high tops. He has an athletic build, and has an AK-47 tattoo across his right arm.

Personality: He is usually rather calm and relaxed. He likes to take things slow and he only switches on when there are a lot of people in the area in order to assort his dominance. He doesn't like people who drive around the town in circles watching him and his friends. He doesn't do much drugs, and he usually feels awkward when someone uses drugs near him.

Medical issues: Has a throat problem, he would clear his throat rather loud from time to time.[img][/img]

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